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Projects 1999-2003


  • Developed the final curriculum for the Manufactured Housing Consultant training program to increase professionalism in the industry, 2001
  • Developed the curriculum for the Manufactured Housing Consultant training program (pilot) to increase professionalism in the industry, 2000
  • Conducted additional qualitative research for the Asthma Intervention Research Project, 2003
  • Coordinated the Asthma Intervention Research Project to study the effects of improving the home's air quality on asthma, 2000-2002
  • Revised the popular consumer publication, Home Care: A guide to repair and maintenance, 2002
  • Conducted research and created a guide for Canadian housing exporters who want to export their products and services to the United Kingdom, 2001-2002
  • Reviewed the workshop manual, Basic Home Maintenance, for technical inaccuracies and out-of-date information, 2002
  • Conducted a research study to identify the preferred approach for creating a Healthy Housing Products Exporter Directory to be used by foreign builders, 2002
  • Developed new sections for Canada's Exportable Housing, positioning Canadian housing for the export market and on Healthy Housing, FlexHousing, and specialized systems in the latest version of Canada's Exportable Housing, 2001
  • Created Research Highlights, Technical Series from research reports Summary Report On Fire Resistance and Sound Insulation Of Floors: Sound Transmission Class And Impact Class Results, 2001
  • Revised rough notes to create consumer factsheets for distribution after televised housing segments in the Maritimes, 2001
  • Managed the project team and provided editorial services to create a series of twelve consumer factsheets on prioritizing renovation, repair and maintenance projects, 2000
  • Created Research Highlights, Technical Series from research reports--Service Life Of Multi-Unit Residential Building Elements and Equipment and Wall Moisture Problems In Alberta Dwellings, 2000
  • Coordinated the Indoor Air Quality Residential Investigator Program, including course preparation, administration and overseeing trainees during the field training phase of the IAQ Investigator Course, 1996-2001
  • Developed technology transfer training including the one-day indoor air quality seminar, Let’s Clear the Air and the three-day IAQ Investigator Course to train indoor air quality investigators; and an information workshop for building supply staff about sustainable building practices, building science, healthy housing, and accessibility 1995-2001
  • Revised the draft research publication, Guide to Mechanical Systems, for plain language, style, and format, 1999
  • Edited and revised the corporate materials promoting their housing export products and services, 1999
  • Developed publications to promote the Super E housing program to prospective builders and consumers in Japan and suppliers in Canada, 2000
  • Developed the publication, Canadian Housing Products and Systems, Meeting the Requirements of the Japanese Market. The publication compares Japanese and Canadian building codes and standards and identifies housing export opportunities. Also developed the information template to gather the raw information from a team of Canadian and Japanese housing industry experts. 2000
  • Developed promotional and sponsorship materials for Canadian Housing Experience ’99, a series of events bringing Canadian and Japanese delegates together to further research, develop partnerships to improve energy efficiency and environmental performance of houses, and promote state-of-the art housing in both countries. 1999
  • Developed marketing text for a new WGA Web site, promoting sustainable and energy efficient architectural services, 1999
Social or Community-Based

  • Provided research and assistance in developing the funding renewal documents for Health Canada's Community Action Program for Children and the Prenatal Nutrition Program, 2002
  • Designed and conducted the evaluation of programs for families and pregnant women in Renfrew County, funded through Health Canada's Community Action Program for Children, 1996-99

Prior to 1999

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