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Mold Resource Kit: Residential, Assessment and Clean-Up, Second Edition

This updated publication, co-developed with Bill Boles for IAQ Resources Canada includes current guidelines for residential mold clean up, checklists, and practical worksheets covering essential elements of mold assessment and clean-up.

The second edition has 34% more content than the first edition and includes updated guidelines, more information on the significance of mold, expanded discussion about assessing moisture and related techniques, new sections on cleaners and equipment along with clearance criteria. All sections have been revised.

Topics include:
  • significance and causes of mold growth in houses
  • conduct a visual inspection and categorize the extent of the mold
  • develop a workplan
  • communication
  • occupant and worker protection
  • equipment and materials
  • managing contents
  • containment
  • demolition, transport and disposal of moldy materials
  • cleaning areas: mold contaminated
  • cleaning areas; not visibly contaminated
  • renovate to prevent mold growth recurrence
  • prepare for re-occupancy
  • monitor effectiveness of the clean-up
  • bibliography and additional resources

The publication is for builders, renovators, home inspectors, property managers, maintenance staff, public health professionals, realtors, insurance brokers, HVAC professionals, and other housing practitioners.

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